Every student will define undergraduate success differently, but we think every student will want to succeed in the classroom, interact with faculty, be involved in out of class opportunities, and learn about available resources to begin planning their future. Here are some resources we feel every student will want to know about.

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New to Queens College

The acceptance letter is the first step, here are some additional steps that every new student should look into.

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Academic Support

Students who feel they may need a bit more help in their coursework, whether it’s for improving their essay writing, tutoring for a basic biology course, or a higher level math course, etc.

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Career Planning

Graduation time can be a stressful period; preparing well before graduation can provide a learning experience that is gratifying and potentially life-changing.

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Get Involved

Students can be involved in any number of ways. Some choose to take advantage of clubs, others may participate in service learning experiences, and a number of students will leave their campus behind temporarily and take their academics abroad.

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Track your progress to degree and major requirements online

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